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.....~~~About my works~~~.....

 ,With no formal education in art

 .I have been drawing for the fun of it, since my  childhood

.My works are imaginary and free flowing

I use  Acrylic paints and/or colored pencils, either on canvas, paper or MDF

 .I engaged in sculpting a few years ago 

.While sculpting, I try to go with the natural flow and grain of the  stone

 ,My sculptures are relatively small , under 50Cm in height

(.Most of then are made of Alabaster  Stone,  some of them are castings.  (Artificial stone

,Although I think, a photograph is merely a faint  shadow of reality

.I  derive great pleasure taking pictures 

Some of them I posted in this site

,I believe that art in all its forms

.contributes  to  making our world a better and more beautiful place to live in


View of the Mediterranean Sea , which inspires me, day after day

You are welcome to use any picture from this site, provided that

you do not alter it in any way and that you give me credit for it

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